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Acts of Service wants YOU to serve your community to the best of your ability. We are a service hub that bridges community organizations with potential volunteers. Start making a different TODAY!

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Welcome to Beacon's Helping Hands


Our mission to inspire health and create health extends far beyond the walls of our buildings and our programs.

Healthy living. A thriving economy. Safe neighborhoods, Affordable housing, Access to health care. Parks and recreation. Arts and culture. Clean water and air. Embracing Diversity. Engaged citizens.

A healthy community means all of this. And more.

As our region's only community-owned health provider, we're rolling up our sleeves and expanding our reach. Our goal is to continue to help change lives, forge friendships, expand our horizons, connect with our friends and colleagues, and have a little fun along the way. In short, we want to promote a healthier quality of life in all its forms.

Find volunteer opportunities below, and remember to submit your hours.

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After submitting a T-shirt Form, please email your Beacon Helping Hands Administrator:

Amy Estrada (South Bend/Bremen) aestrada@beaconhealthsystem.org

Jeremy Gillespie (Elkhart) jtgillespie@beaconhealthsystem.org

Shirts are NOT to be delivered until your Beacon Helping Hands Administrator receives your email. Two-weeks in advance is the preferred submission/email time. Thank you!

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